Waxing And Threading

Welcome to our beauty bar, we offer the best waxing and threading services and skilled and candid beauticians who will do a terrific job. We use the most sophisticated equipment and material to ensure the procedures are impeccable and efficient. We are abreast of the latest trends and techniques and dedicated at providing beautiful waxing and threading sessions.

We perform procedures under this service that include full body hair removal, eyebrow shaping, bikini waxing and upper lip removal. Pay us a visit and see for yourself the deft hands of our beauticians transforming your physical appearance with exclusive waxing and threading techniques.
Do you wish to have perfectly shaped eyebrows? Nothing can match the well executed threading done by our creative stylist who will target individual hairs for a smooth and precise finish. We can also perform the procedure on your cheeks, chin and upper lip. Our facial threading services are painless and will be done within minutes. It is a healthier and suitable option for different types of skin, even sensitive skin.

Waxing yields long lasting results, and following a waxing session at our beauty bar, you don’t have to think about hair growth for the next 6 weeks. We offer the best and most current hair removal trending techniques in the beauty care industry.

Many women find waxing and threading a daunting process. You may have been scarred in the past at the hands of unprofessional beauticians. We guarantee you are in safe hands and will have a transformational change in attitude once you experience waxing and threading performed by our professionally skilled beauticians. When it comes to your hair removal needs our treatments are tailor made to offer optimal aesthetic results.

Sit back and unwind, we are here too make your waxing session a refreshing experience in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our beauty services are unparalleled and we are committed to providing you the best quality service. Book an appointment with us by contacting one of our creative stylists and you will have a completely dedicated team to assist you. When you step out of our beauty bar it will be with the smoothest finish to your skin and face.


Q. Is waxing painful?
A. There may be an initial sting which will last for 5 seconds at most. Once the wax is removed, our therapist will use a technique that will stop the sting from lingering. 

Q. How long does the procedure last before hair grows back?
A. This depends on what kind of waxing treatment you have been using prior to this. If you have shaved then you will need to undergo 3 sessions to remove the hairs. If it has been regular waxing, coming in for sessions once every 6 weeks is sufficient.

Q. How do I best treat ingrown hairs?
A. We recommend you exfoliate twice a week and use moisturizer daily to help the hair grow back in its follicle. We will use an antiseptic or aspirin based liquid as an anti-inflammatory to heal any infection caused by hair trapped in the follicle. In addition, use a preventive cream as measure to allow hairs to surface without becoming trapped inside. 

Q. Will tinting my eyelashes sting?
A. No, it will not sting. It may tingle at first or become warm because we will place eye pads on top of the tint to make it more effective. The heat is drawn towards the tint and will last longer and allow it to process better. 

Q. Is threading my face better than waxing it?
A. Yes! Our therapists recommend threading for your face over waxing because it doesn’t take off the layer of skin on your face which can result in aging. Threading picks up the fine hairs and gives it a clear and clean appearance. This is not something waxing is able to do.