Spray Tanning

Come to our beauty bar and find out all about our sunless spray tanning solutions. Feel fabulous with sunless spray tans, it is a healthy way to get yourself a rich bronzed body. We have skilled spray tanning experts who stay abreast of the newest techniques and will do an impeccable job on enhancing your physical appearance.

Our spray tanning formula gives an exotic bronze glow and is deeply absorbed into your skin. It is enriched with organic oils and nourishing vitamins. The solution is free from polyethylene and alcohol making it the perfect option for all types of skin. 

We have a dedicated team to take care of your tanning needs. We cover both men and women, offering a variety of tones that lasts. Our spray tanning solution gives the quickest and natural looking tan, every time. 

Our fully trained and highly competent staff will take you through the process before you walk into the spray tanning booth. First, we will make certain you feel completely comfortable. You can be in any level of undress, and once you are ready a spray tanning assistant will show you how to operate the tanning booth. Did you know there are countless benefits to spray tanning?

  • Maintains a healthy and natural glow anywhere
  • Provides a smooth appearance
  • Accentuates your features
  • Convenient and hassle free alternative to traditional tan
  • Quick and natural results

Our beauty bar offers a customized spray tanning solution which takes as little as 5 minutes. The whole tanning process may take up to 20 minutes; this is including the time before and after tanning. Your spray tan will last between 8-12 days. 

We recommend you exfoliate and shave before coming in for your next tan.

After care

Once you complete your first shower, re-hydrate your skin using a specially designed spray tanning lotion. Give time for your tan to develop, avoid sweating, showering or getting wet for the next 6 hours. We recommend you wear loose fitting clothes for the rest of the day. 

Look fabulous and feel great with the best spray tanning solution from our beauty bar. Book an appointment with us and we will provide a tailor made tanning solution for your skin type to achieve optimal results. With a skilled and dedicated team, our tanning solutions are all about you looking as if you just walked out of a photo shoot. 


Q. I’ve never spray tanned before, what is the process like?
A. Our spray tanning assistant will be there to help you through the process. You can pick your preferred colour and we will take you to the spray tanning room to give you complete privacy. We will demonstrate how the booth works. Once you feel completely at ease you can begin the process.

Q. Is there a spray tan choice I can pick from?
A. You can pick from 3 colours,

  • Golden dark
  • Dark
  • Double dark

Q. How do I prepare for the spray tanning session?
A. It is ideal if you exfoliate and shave on the day or the day before your tanning session. Avoid using moisturizers, lotions, perfumes and deodorants on the day of tanning. Since this is a sunless tanning solution these products can create a barrier. You can use them once your tanning session is complete.

Q. What do I wear for this?
A. It depends on your comfort levels. You can tan in your undergarments, swimwear or remove your clothes completely. However, if you wear anything during the tanning session it may get ruined.

Q. How long is the tanning session?
A. The tanning session may last up to 20 minutes. The tan itself takes just a few minutes at most. The rest of the time is to get ready before the session and once again afterwards.

Q. How long does a tan last?
A. A spray tan will last up to seven days depending on your skin condition and the formulation you have picked.