Experience the exquisite blend of style, comfort and sophistication the moment you step into our beauty bar. Pamper yourself with our range of beauty products. Our beauty experts are dedicated to providing completely customized makeup services. Keeping with your needs, we make certain the moment you walk out you are a woman of style.

Every woman desires the red carpet look every once in a while, and we are ready to give it to you. We offer the best bespoke makeup treatment for special occasions be it an anniversary party, holiday party or even birthday celebration. Our makeup artists will treat you to stunning eye makeup, flawless airbrush makeup, perfect lips, blush and fabulous eyelashes.

For the modern woman, makeup is the most valuable commodity and our skilled makeup artists are experts at bringing you high quality work you would usually see on a photo shoot. We constantly deliver the best quality finish to our clients.

Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride or a wedding guest, we reckon you want to turn a few heads. You already have a beautiful dress and your hair style is extraordinarily perfect, now you want your makeup to appear just as stunning. Our professional makeup artists will make you look flawless and get your skin glowing while at the same time giving you a naturally beautiful appearance.

You must have seen celebrities looking perfect plenty of times and secretly desired you could look just as perfect, even one time. You are in luck, as our top makeup artists offer a bespoke makeup package customized to your beauty requirements. Whether it is your wedding, graduation, a big night out or a special occasion, we will make you look amazing!
Explore our line of makeup and natural foundation that protects and nourishes your skin while highlighting a fresh and even complexion. Discover concealers that reveal your beauty within. Our accomplished beauty experts will give your skin a glowing appearance. We use the most exclusive beauty products to create different formulations and shades to suit different skin tones.

We exceed our clients’ expectations by offering unparalleled beauty services. Find out more about our exclusive makeup packages tailor made for any special day you have in mind. Book an appointment with us and we will get you ready to hit the red carpet at your next event.


Q. What is the number 1 rule for applying makeup?

A. The #1 rule is we apply to blend; the second rule is less is more. We always pick the right look that compliments your eye colour and hair. Also, we choose the right tone of foundation that goes with your skin colour.

Q. What is the art of beauty hair and makeup?

A. Our goal is to create a natural made up appearance. We will make you look glamorous and sophisticated without using too many products. This is our secret to apply these products in a subtle but classy way.

Q. Why should I book a make-up trial before my wedding day?

A. Our bridal dressers will recommend our brides to book a makeup trial two weeks prior to their big day. This gives us enough time to discuss your preference and choose an idea that will actually suit you. Your big day is important to us and we want to be prepared and well planned before the day arrives.

Q. Will my make up last all day?

A. The makeup we apply is designed to last throughout the day. If you require any touch-ups, we recommend you carry lipstick and some translucent powder.

Q. Do you apply false eye lashes?

A. We can apply false eyelashes if you wish. This can certainly make a big difference to your appearance on your wedding day. False eyelashes can really brighten up your eyes. We will discuss this at your pre-wedding trial session.