Hair Botox Treatment

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Hair Botox has been one of the most recent obsessions, and it’s easy to see why. Just think about an immediate solution to your dull-hair woes, and swishing your mane about with pride. What’s more, it’s not a privilege reserved for celebrities anymore. At Blo Out Beauty, we offer Hair Botox treatments that will rejuvenate and brighten your hair, rescuing you from the strangleholds of split-ends and dry strands.

Many often confused Hair Botox and keratin treatments, but the two shouldn’t be mistaken for each other. One of the key differences with this is, there’s a significant time difference which could be more appealing for the busy, 21st century woman. While keratin can take almost 3 hours in some cases, Hair Botox is done in around 45 minutes approximately. Additionally, we recommend Hair Botox for those who have skin conditions such as psoriasis, since it’s a gentler option for those who have very sensitive skin.

If you’ve been dealing with damaged, brittle, coarse and difficult hair, then we recommend the Hair Botox treatment, particularly if you’re reactive to other treatments. If you want to try a revitalizing treatment such as this for s short time, then this is perfect since it lasts between 8-10 weeks, which is lesser than the keratin treatment. At the end of the day, the decision’s yours on what you want to do. Our team will of course sit with you to have a chat about what you’re looking to get done and let you know how we can get about it.

Very importantly though, we do request that you let us know if you’re either pregnant, nursing or have any conditions we should know about. Whilst we love us some glamour, we consider our clients’ safety at the top of our list of priorities.

Hair Botox is also ideal for those who’re looking for versatility in their style. Keratin will straighten your hair out, whilst Hair Botox allows you to curl it or wave it out any way you like. There’s also less care involved in terms of washing your hair out, since it allows you to do so sooner than a keratin treatment. Again, which treatment suits you is entirely a matter of personal preference, though we’re on-hand to guide you step-by-step through it all.

Call in for an initial consultation, if you want to know more about how we can help, or even if you want to just take a look around and see how we do things around here. We love company!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

Q. What Exactly Is Hair Botox?

A. Think about regular botox. What does it do? Plumps and firms the skin, erasing fine lines and wrinkles in the process. Hair botox aims to do the same in a different way of course. It is essentially a deep conditioning treatment that seeks to repair your hair from the inside. Hair botox is made up of organic microspheres, which are what determines the level of absorption for vitamins and proteins that penetrate the hair. It is done with the help of a deep conditioner, and of course a team of professionals like us at Blo Out Beauty. If you have tried it at other hair salons in Dubai with no success, you have been clearly doing it wrong, since hair botox offers very visible results.

Q. What Makes It Different From Keratin Treatments?

A. There are quite a few differences between keratin treatments and hair botox. For starters, keratin includes something known as formaldehyde even though we use the best keratin products on the market, which hair botox does not use. This means that hair botox is a safe option for those who suffer from conditions such as psoriasis and so forth. Since there are less chemicals involved, it is often opted for by those who have health issues since it allows them to indulge their hair in some quality R&R as well. However, pregnant or nursing women should still not go for the treatment unless cleared by a doctor.

Q. How Can I Know If It Is Right For Me?

A. Aside from the above mentioned facts, hair botox is suited for anyone basically, who has long hair with split ends, is dealing with frizz or brittleness or often uses styling products. If you use a lot of chemically-laden hair products or heating tools to style your hair, then too you should consider coming in for this hair treatment in Dubai.

Q. How Long Does The Treatment Take, And How Long Will It Last?

A. Compared to keratin treatments, hair botox takes much less time, taking upto an hour at the most. So if you are someone who does not have a lot of time to spare yet want to treat your hair, consider hair botox. However, it lasts for lesser than keratin treatments, at around 8-10 weeks, which averages close to three months.

Q. What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

A. Those who have excessively damaged hair will notice vast improvements, whilst those with normal hair will still notice some changes. Hair botox is excellent at significantly reducing frizz, promoting shine and smoothening out the hair. It also helps with de-tangling, softening and repairing split ends, and reducing styling time overall. In fact, you can cut down your blow-drying time by around a 1/3. Overall, your hair becomes noticeably much more manageable, with just one hair treatment.

Q. How Does It Work?

A. Just like with keratin treatments, your hair will first be thoroughly washed out with a clarifying shampoo that allows us to get rid of residue, dust and dirt. Afterwards, your hair will be divided into sections, and each section will be generously doused with product, so that every strand of hair is richly coated with the protein-rich formula. Depending on the coarseness and condition of your hair, a certain amount of time will be allocated for absorption, after which your hair will be washed again, with a sulfate-free shampoo. Unlike a keratin treatment though, your hair will not be blow-dried and set with a flat iron. With hair botox, you can have your hair styled any way you like.

Q. What Post-Treatment Advice Can You Give Me?

A. Keratin treatments require you to keep your hair safe from the elements for a solid 72 hours so you can protect it and allow the keratin to do its job. With hair botox though, you need not be so delicate. Since it penetrates deep into the strands in a short span of time, you can even wash it the same day if you must, though we do recommend you keep it in if possible. The longer you do, the better it is. Our team of stylists will guide you through every step of your newfound hair treatment.

Q. Will It Cause Any Changes To My Hair?

A. Not at all. The beauty of treatments like hair botox and keratin too for that matter, is that your hair’s internal structure will be untouched. The treatments will do their job and heal your hair the way they are meant to, without causing the slightest bit of extra damage. Unlike straightening or relaxing which breaks apart your hair’s composition re-arranging it to something else, hair botox only serves to restore and replenish.

Q. How Can I Maintain The Effects As Long As Possible?

A. Whether as an individual you are into changing up your look often or need to do so for professional reasons (like if you were a model for instance), hair botox is no doubt a wonderful option to turn to. However, if you want it to last for as long as possible and reap its benefits, you should steer clear of consistent chemical hair treatments such as colouring, straightening, bonding, perming and so on. If you must, then you will have to check in for the occasional hair botox treatment to ensure your hair does not weaken too much, eventually splitting and breaking apart. A hair botox treatment can be taken upto once a month safely.

Q. What Can I Expect From You?

A. Lots of things. As one of the most forward-thinking hair salons in dubai, we are fully-equipped with an excellent staff that runs the business on a daily basis and cutting-edge technologies in tools and products. We ensure that all products we use are certified and approved by the appropriate approving bodies as well. This enables us to cater to our clients with peace of mind. If you have any concerns over the hair botox treatment, we encourage you to speak with us so we can discuss them. Your comfort and satisfaction is the whole reason why we do this in the first place, so we welcome open channels of communication.