Hair Treatment Dubai

Picking A Hairstyle That Suits You Best In 3 Easy Snips

If every now and then you’ve felt like changing up your look just to liven things up, you’re not alone. And in fact, it’s a very human trait. The whole reason this world has developed and humans have evolved, is because we’re not meant to be stagnant. But that’s another story altogether.

Makeovers have become more popular than ever before for a whole host of reasons. Celebrities strutting their stuff down the catwalk sporting at times bizarre yet intriguing looks, salons that have cropped up in most street corners and an endless array of television shows and magazines all account for some of them. And you’d have noticed that all of them almost always feature something to do with hair. Frankly, it’s quite smart primarily because a haircut can change up one’s look completely. However, just because you liked what you saw, there’s no guarantee it’ll look good on you.

Which is why, we at Blo Out Beauty are here to offer you a few easy tips on how to have the most perfect head of hair and call it yours. Our hair treatment in Dubai is personalised, and executed by the most professional, dedicated staff.

1. Your Face Shape Is Key:

There are actually many things that are dependent on the shape of your face including precise makeup application. However, that’s not all. Before locking in a hairstyle, our stylists will try out different options. Just like the wrong eyebrow shape can ruin your appearance, so can the wrong haircut. Unless of course you deliberately want something that radically stands out. As you can imagine, clients from all walks of life seek us out and they all have various preferences. You’ll be guided through the options available to you before you make a decision. One of the many reasons we’re considered one of the best hair salons in Dubai.

2. Maintenance:

It’s one thing to want Kylie Jenner’s new haircut, but it’s a whole other thing when it comes to maintaining it. Though we encourage our customers to maintain their hair regardless of haircuts, we make it a point to let our customers know if there’s a lot of work involved in maintaining one afterwards. People nowadays are incredibly strapped for time and it’s a fact. Again, unless they have wealth that’s equivalent to Kylie Jenner’s with a lot of time in their day to spare, life after a haircut must be considered. We like to chat to our customers about their daily lifestyles and help them understand the importance of practicality, which ensures we offer the best hair treatment in Dubai.

3. Your Hair Type:

There are so many different types of hair in this world that varies from person to person. Depending on genetics mainly, both the texture and type are things that need to be considered. For instance, layers can be tougher to define and pull through when it comes to curly hair, whilst they fall beautifully with straight and wavy hair. Plus, when it comes to curly hair, watch out for the length of the cut. Since the hair tends to bounce back up, you might end up with a look much shorter than you’d like. Again, we’re right on hand to discuss your options with you.