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Making The Most Of Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Trials In 3 Simple Ways

Of all the days in a girl’s life, one can safely agree that their wedding day is probably one of the most anticipated. Though of course there are a few who are supremely unbothered by the shenanigans, this percentage is very much in the minority. Which means that most women around the world wait with bated breath for their nuptials, and therefore rightly want to look nothing short of ravishing.

Given that the day’s pretty special, we are Blo Out Beauty understand the importance of impeccable hair and makeup only too well. After all, future generations will be flipping through the albums for years to come. So we’re here to not only dispense advice related to hair treatment in dubai, but also makeup tips.

It’s essential that you book yourself in for a few trials well in advance, so you can play around with different looks and see what works best for you. We’ve got a few handy tips so you can make the most of yours.

1. Wear White:

Unless of course you’re planning on wearing some other colour completely which is fine too. However, since brides tend t0 wear white on their big day, you want to make sure that the makeup blends well with such a pale hue. Since everybody’s skin tones and undertones are different, the end result can vary accordingly. So just because you and your best friend have the same skin colour, that’s not to say that the same makeup shades will suit both of you. If you know what you’re wearing to the reception afterwards, take along a piece of clothing in the same shade so you can do the same thing. Unlike most hair salons in dubai, we spend a fair amount of time on our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

2. Bring Pictures That Inspire You:

Brides often scour through magazines, websites and most recently Pinterest for inspiration, when it comes to their hair, makeup and outfits. Obviously you have been too, but it’s no good leaving them all at home. Bring those pictures with you. It’d make things so much more efficient for everyone that way. Our stylists are some of the most skillful, committed people at their job and if you want a particular look, then show it to them and they can replicate it. Plus, it also gives you the chance to decide whether that hairstyle really suits you, or whether it was just in your head.

3. Book Your Bridesmaids On A Different Day:

Though the day is all about you, you have your wedding party to worry about too. However, don’t make the mistake of booking all of your trials in on the same day. Set aside a day for just you. Take someone along with you if you like for company. Just don’t book your bridesmaids in on the same day. You’ll be distracted and unable to focus on your needs, which is a shame seeing as how you’re the bride. Also, don’t book them with several different hair salons in dubai. That’s sure to end in disaster. But once you’ve locked your look in place, you can head down with your posse and have them tended to in one spot instead.