The Perfect Brow For The Modern Woman

Eyebrows are vital to accentuate a woman’s facial features. Eyebrows frame your face and have the power to transform it. Beauty salons in Dubai are getting bombarded because brow services have significantly increased over the years. Brows are being waxed, threaded and tinted depending on your personal preference and style. The goal is to achieve perfect symmetry.

For women who have sparse brows, less hair and are not genetically blessed with thickness, the key is to get full and exotic brows. A makeup artist in Dubai can use makeup to fill in the gaps and add depth to your brows. To get the perfect shape, you need to know which brow shape suits your face. Some of the common face shapes will tell you what type of brow meshes with it.

How do you know what the right positioning of brows are? You need to determine the front, arch and tail. How do you align it in the proper place? A professional makeup artist will know exactly what you require in terms of achieving stunningly perfect brows.

First, how do you visualize your brow to appear? The front of your brow needs to align with the nostril.

If your brow has an arch, it should align through the pupil and to the edge of your nostril. It is at this point, you should be careful of over-plucking. Well groomed brows appear full thick and full. Keeping the natural shape while plucking it to perfection is best.

The tail should angle the eye. The tail should also connect to the corner of the eye.

Now getting onto face shapes and aligning brows to suit different faces.

Heart shaped face or long face

A lengthy face structure will require bushier, bolder and straighter brows.

Square shaped face

The goal is to soften this facial structure. And give your brows a curve. A more pronounced arch is suitable, and for this your makeup artist in Dubai will pluck the brow from beneath.

Round shaped face

You should not over-arch your brow as this can create a more circular look. Instead, soften the point and avoid creating an over-arch so that it can give you a more angular appearance.

Brows are huge. It has become a rage, something that every woman aspires to have. If you want a perfectly new shape, you need to visit a beauty salon in Dubai and get the help of a professional brow stylist. Well groomed and stunning eyebrows are a worthy investment indeed.