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3 Main Skin-Care Routine Tips For Brides-To-Be Preparing For Their Big Day

Every bride wants to look flawless, and seeing as how she’s probably looked forward to this day since she was five, it’s only fair. Trouble is, many women are subjected to harsh environmental conditions particularly pollution, which wreaks havoc on the skin. In some cases, the repercussions are severe. Stress, lack of sleep and constantly juggling work and family also tend to make you look worn out and haggard. However, whilst some toning down of your day is in order to help your regain some of the suppleness, you also need to introduce a few important skin-care routines not only the week or two before your wedding, but months in advance.

As experts on the topic of bridal makeup in Dubai if we may say so ourselves, we’ve learnt a thing or two about which skin-care tips are the most effective. And we’ve taken the liberty of compiling them for you as below. Speak to us if you’ve got any questions.

1. Exfoliate:

We’ve listed this on top of the list mainly because as mentioned above, pollution is at an all-time lately. There’s so much dust, dirt and grime that settles into your skin on a daily basis which ends up digging deeper into your pores. This in turn blocks your oil glands, and this is what leads to blackheads and breakouts. All of these issues go away if you bother to exfoliate. Just twice a week is enough. You don’t want to overdo it and irritate your skin. The practice removes dead skin cells, allowing new cells to grow and your skin to breathe. In fact, consider this step the holy grail of not only makeup in dubai, but everywhere else in the world too.

2. Moisturise Lightly:

Unless you have very dry skin, steer clear of heavy moisturisers. They have a tendency to weight down on you, creating thick layers that prevent your skin from breathing. Use light moisturisers instead: yes, even if you have oily skin. Your skin needs moisture replenishment particularly after a shower. Ignoring this step will make your skin look patchy which can’t be rescued overnight wedding or not. Just a light layer will suffice. No more than that.

3. Facials:

Get a facial done, but not in the month right before the wedding because you don’t want any irritations. Extractions can cause flare-ups which may/may not die down before the big day. Just don’t risk it. That being said, you do need to cleanse your skin out thoroughly and there are facials that have been especially designed for brides. If you’ve got any concerns about allergies or reactions, make sure you let them know. And book an appointment well in advance. If you want your bridal makeup in Dubai to be the best around, then you’ll have to put in some of the work beforehand. Remember that maintenance is key.

We also strongly advise you to come in for a makeup trial at least 3 weeks prior to the big day. Book a separate trial session for your bridesmaids. It’ll really help reduce the stress.