Top Reasons You Should Be Getting Facials Regularly

Posted by Farrah on September 15, 2018
Category: Blog
Facials are more than indulgent pampering you do for an hour over the weekend. It offers health and wellness benefits both short and long term, for your skin. While you may be making regular visits to the gym and beauty salon in Dubai, don’t forget about your skin. Ruddy complexion and clogged pores cannot always be maintained even by the best efforts you make using skincare products. The highest quality creams on the market won’t
Who doesn’t what perfect hair? I mean I’m pretty sure that every woman in the world would absolutely kill for a magical spell that would give her perfect hair each morning – Saving her from having to stress over a list of products she’ll have to apply or a hairstyle she’ll have to struggle to put together for the preceding day. In an effort to help out all such troubled women, the Blo and Beauty
Ah, to glow and dazzle like Beyonce, J-Lo or Rihanna. And we don’t mean with the bling they’re dripping with either. No, what we mean is their natural shine. In other words, their skin. Of course while their diet obviously has a big role to play here made easier thanks to personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists, they do indulge in some spray tanning when they can. They’re not the only celebrities to embrace one however.
So you’ve finally had it with the frizz, the tangles and the endless hours spent in front of your mirror trying in vain to get your hair to behave the way you want it to. Which, as more than a few of us know, is a task easier said than done. There’s no need to give up hope though, because we do live in the digital age after all; and that means we’ve got far
We’ve all longed for those long, lustrous locks that remind you of olden day poems in a flash. It doesn’t help very much that all of Hollywood it seems, appears to be sporting them quite effortlessly too. What everyone’s forgetting though, is that well, celebrities always have a team behind them; more popularly known as the ‘glam-team’. Their team’s job is to ensure their client looks nothing short of flawless, and that means tending to