Facial Treatment

Have you ever wished that your skin has a radiant glow? If so, then our facial treatments using Nimue range of products would be best choice for you. Our experts use exclusive array of Nimue products to repair your skin and provide vitality. Achieve heavenly soft and smooth skin with our customized facials – it’s made just for you. It can be easy to be unsure about which beauty treatment would suit you best, but with the help of our team of experts, you will be able to experience those that are right for your skin. We will work to solve your troublesome skin problems, no matter how difficult they may seem to you or how much time you have suffered with them.

We can assist with a wide range of common issues that people experience with their skin, such as acne, sun damage, brown spots and uneven pigmentation. The Nimue skin technology has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation and are a safe and effective treatment system for rejuvenating skin. Radiant skin is just a step away with our customized facials.

Nimue range of skin technology products offer lasting benefits which include the following,

  • Smoother, softer and radiant skin
  • Dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reversing aging
  • Visible improvement around your eyes and other delicate areas, restoring youthful appearance
  • A more glamourous freshness to your skin
  • Re-hydrating dry skin leaving it soft
  • Nimue also works wonders on blemished and discoloured skin which can develop during early motherhood


It is the #1 choice of skin health specialists. With ample benefits and advantages of Nimue, the primary importance is preventing environmental damage to your skin, normalising problem skin conditions, maintaining beautiful skin and skin de-pigmentation.

The rejuvenating facial mask has a rich moisturizing effect which will lead to well- hydrated, smooth and rejuvenated skin. Nimue care will also result in rapid improvement of glowing, acne free skin, enhancing youth and clarity.

All skin care treatments commence with a skin analysis, this allows the therapist to work on the weaknesses of the skin. All treatments are individually customized for optimum skin health. Our personalised facials give special attention to uncovering and treating your skins specific personality.

With our facial treatments, you can bid adieu to all those fine lines and wrinkles, those crow’s feet and sagging facial skin. Even if you don’t have the time to follow an intensive daily skincare routine, we will provide you with customized facial treatments which will ensure that your skin regains its youthful look.

When you come to us for facial treatments, our skin experts will speak with you and also test your skin type in order to provide you with the perfect solutions. This saves you the trouble of having to look for products that are best-suited to your skin.

For details about facial treatments and bookings, call us or simply email us via our online form.


Q. What is the facial treatment like?

A. Nimue facial treatment is expertly designed to solve specific skin conditions pertaining to individual skin classification. All treatment programs are performed by our highly qualified specialists.

Q. How will I know which treatment is most suited to my skin condition?

A. In your initial consultation, we will offer a professional assessment and accurate diagnosis to ensure we provide an optimum treatment program to suit your individual requirements and achieve the best result.

Q. What results can I expect from Nimue skin products?

A. Increased elasticity, restoring of your skin’s natural vitality and radiance, balanced skin colouring, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, redefining skin texture to name a few.

Q. What specific benefits does Nimue skin care products offer when compared to other skin care solutions?

A. Nimue skin care products addresses serious skin concerns, acne, environmental damage and young skin pigmentation. These facials work effectively to make your skin less sensitive to these issues.

Q. How often should I get facials?

A. Once monthly facials are recommended to help aid in the cell turn over process which happens approximately every 30 days. As we age, this cell turn-over process slows down, contributing to dull sallow looking skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, congestion, and coarsely textured skin. Monthly facials assist your body in doing more efficiently what it is supposed to do on its own.