3 Things That Ensure Our Spray Tanning Leaves You Looking Like A Bronzed Goddess

Ah, to glow and dazzle like Beyonce, J-Lo or Rihanna. And we don’t mean with the bling they’re dripping with either. No, what we mean is their natural shine. In other words, their skin. Of course while their diet obviously has a big role to play here made easier thanks to personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists, they do indulge in some spray tanning when they can. They’re not the only celebrities to embrace one however. Plenty are jumping on the bandwagon, and as long as it’s done right, no one will be any the wiser. The only time a spray tan becomes obvious, is when it’s done wrong. Which is exactly what we at Blo Out Beauty avoid at all costs.

In order to bestow on our clients a flawless spray tan, there are a few key things we do beforehand. Though we’re proficient where hair treatment in Dubai’s concerned, that’s not to say our skills are limited to that alone, so allow us to share a little more of our world with you.

EXFOLIATION: Your skin is the human’s body’s largest organ, and needs taking care of. You might’ve heard of exfoliation, though you might not always be bothered do it. It’s an incredibly important part of your skincare routine, and is just as important before a spray tan. Why? Well because exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells quite effectively. You can either make your own exfoliator at home if you have sensitive skin or opt for something off the shelf that suits your individual requirements. The last thing you want is your tan to peel off, so we start with a blank canvas, thoroughly getting rid of flaky skin, ensuring we have a smooth base to work with.

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Spray tans come in different shapes, sizes and forms, and by that we mean that this product is available in many options. From mousses to sprays, creams and so on, we walk you through the variety of choices open to you. As a beauty salon in dubai, we consider it our primary responsibility to walk each and every one of our clients through the whole nine yards. That way, you can make an informed decision, one that’s most suited for your needs. Many of our first-time spray tanners are understandably confused about the entire process, and as different products suit different skins, we think it’s important to lay the facts out as they are.

AFTERCARE: Of course it’s easy to walk out looking nothing short of fabulous right after your appointment, but it’s harder to maintain it after a few days have passed if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, much like we do for hair botox treatment in Dubai to help it last longer for instance, we also offer advice to help you retain your tan as much as possible. Make sure you follow our aftercare instructions otherwise you’ll end up looking streaky and dull; a far cry from the goddess-like ethereal presence you were hoping for!