Your 3 Step Guide To Life Post-Keratin

More than a few of you have battled your way through bad hair days and boy, are they a real pain in the derriere. Let’s face it, when you’ve already got a long day ahead of you, the last thing you want is to spend excessive amounts of time trying to tame your mane. If you’ve got exceptionally frizzy and curly hair, then you know exactly the struggle we mean. What’s possibly worse, is that even if you’ve just spent the past hour straightening your hair with an iron, chances are the minute you step out it blows up again.


Speaking of blowing up, at Blo Out Beauty Bar we’ve got just the solution for you. Particularly for those of you’ve long struggled with endless hair wars, desperately looking for a way out so you can spend your time better. And look fabulous of course. We already hear you say ‘Out with it already!’ Well, our magical solution is a keratin hair treatment in dubai.


We’ve talked about the benefits and process of keratin treatment before, but here we’re going to be looking at life after keratin, and how you can prolong its effects for as long as possible:


WATER ISN’T YOUR BEST FRIEND: You hardly ever hear the phrase ‘steer clear of water’ because, after all, water is life. Trouble is, it ruins your hair’s possible life especially if you’re just after a keratin treatment. It’s just like chemically straightening your hair, where you’re told to avoid water for three days at the least. However, we do want to point out that there are various keratin treatments around, so ask us what works best for you. If you can’t bear the thought of going that long without washing your hair, now’s the time to consider dry shampoo.


INVEST IN KERATIN HAIR PRODUCTS: And by that we mean shampoo and conditioner that’s keratin infused. Yes they do exist, just that not many are aware of it. As a beauty salon in dubai that wants our clients to retain the treatments they receive for as long as possible, we can’t stress enough on this. Even if you can’t get your hands on keratin laden cleansing hair products, we certainly strongly advise you to stay away from particularly harsh shampoos and conditioners as they can have a negative impact on your newly revamped hair.


WASH ONLY WHEN NECESSARY: Again, this might seem like an alien concept for most people who want to wash their hair as much as possible, however it’s best to only wash when you need to. If you’re really struggling with it or have especially oily hair, then you could instead opt for a hair botox treatment in dubai that allows more flexibility in that sense. Whichever treatment you choose though, you should know that the more you wash it out the more likely it is that the treatment will eventually be stripped away. Whilst you could obviously get one done again, it’d be a shame to lose it far too quickly.