3 Reasons To Opt For A Keratin Treatment

More than a few of us have envied the Kardashians’ seemingly effortlessly preened manes, wondering how on earth they manage to keep them so shiny and looking in good health. And while most celebrities obviously do use wigs to change up their looks from time to time without having it affect their real hair (we’re looking at you Kylie Jenner), they still manage to maintain their locks which isn’t as easy as it looks. Granted, you might argue that they’ve got the best resources at hand and you might not be entirely wrong there. However, beautiful hair goes a long way beyond that, and actually has to do a lot with what you know. For instance, you’ve most probably heard about keratin and keratin hair treatment in dubai, but do you know what it’s for? Or how it can help? What about the fact that it helps tame frizziness and makes styling much easier?


One of the reasons we’re proud to feature keratin as one of our hair treatments here at Blo Out Beauty, is because of the sheer satisfaction it brings our clients. In fact, it’s downright exciting for us to reveal their final look when we’re all done. That’s how effective it can be. Allow us to explain.


REPLENISHES PROTEIN: Before we get into any of the other stuff, the first thing you should know about keratin is that it’s already in your hair. It’s actually a protein that’s vulnerable to the daily rigours of life and eventually gets stripped off. What you’re left with is dull, lifeless hair worthy of a ‘Before’ shot in a shampoo commercial. Though keratin was once used as a part of straightening treatments, today it’s used as a means of fortifying the hair by replenishing it with keratin. It’s a fantastic hair treatment in dubai, especially considering the conditions here. 

SAVES TIME: Are you the type of woman who really doesn’t have the time of day to fiddle about with straighteners and for the life of you have no idea how to blow dry correctly? You’re in luck! You see keratin treatments simply save heaps of time, ensuring you still look good no matter what on a daily basis. So whether you’ve got a special occasion or are running out the door for work, you’ll still look polished without any of the other clutter. Those who suffer from the constraints of frizzy hair understand only too well what this means.

INSTANT CHANGE: The effects of a keratin treatment is instant. It does take a couple of hours to come together, but at the end of it it’s definitely worth it. Typically, keratin treatments work with a straightened look, so if you want something else, maybe a hair botox treatment in dubai might be for you since you can wave it or curl it; whatever you want. Either way, the results are immediate. You’ll find that your hair is smoother, shinier, more manageable and overall you’ll most likely be left wondering who that dashing person staring back at you in the mirror is.


If you’ve got any concerns or questions on whether keratin is for you, why not speak to one of our experts? We’ll clear them right up for you.