Hair Botox Treatment May Be The Perfect Solution for You!

Who doesn’t what perfect hair? I mean I’m pretty sure that every woman in the world would absolutely kill for a magical spell that would give her perfect hair each morning – Saving her from having to stress over a list of products she’ll have to apply or a hairstyle she’ll have to struggle to put together for the preceding day.

In an effort to help out all such troubled women, the Blo and Beauty hair salon in Dubai is offering a number of treatments and styling options to customers to help them get the looks they want.

One of the most popular hair treatment includes hair botox treatment in Dubai that has becomes the talk of town overnight; for all the right reasons of course. But before we get into how this treatment may be a suitable option for you, let learn what it is first.

Defining Hair Botox Treatment:  

Hair Botox treatment involves the application of a deep conditioner onto the scalp. The conditioner works to enhance the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins into the hair follicles. This helps improve the texture, health, and appearance of the hair. More specifically, hair botox treatment will help reconstruct hair and produce straighter, frizz-free, and more manageable locks.

What’s the Difference between Keratin and Hair Botox Treatment?

Most ladies who’re looking to attain straighter and more luscious locks often struggle to differentiate between these two treatments. Mostly because at the surface they both appear to be offering the same thing, but surely there is a difference.

The time taken for the treatment application is probably one of the most notable ones. While Keratin treatment may take a good 2-3 hours for application, hair Botox takes will only take you 45 minute. After which you can be out and about to flaunt your new look.

Also, ladies who have more sensitive skin or suffer from any sort of skin disease like psoriasis should opt for Hair Botox treatment because this is not a chemical treatment, and is anticipated to be more subtle and non-reactive.

To be on the safe side, it is strongly advised that you mention any skin disease you may be suffering from and point out if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding to your stylist before treatment starts. Lay out all prominent health factors and discuss what you expect from the treatment and what outcomes you want. She’ll use her expertise to recommend the most stellar hairstyles for you, and trust me you will not be disappointed!