Bring Your Hair Back To Life With These 3 Life Hacks

We’ve all longed for those long, lustrous locks that remind you of olden day poems in a flash. It doesn’t help very much that all of Hollywood it seems, appears to be sporting them quite effortlessly too. What everyone’s forgetting though, is that well, celebrities always have a team behind them; more popularly known as the ‘glam-team’. Their team’s job is to ensure their client looks nothing short of flawless, and that means tending to their hair of course.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to take care of their hair on a daily basis. They certainly must; and though they may spend more on hair products daily than you do in a month, that’s not to say you can’t revive your hair too. Along with the occasional hair treatment in dubai, these are some of the most effective life hacks we’ve put together, based on our past experiences.

WASH LESS: If your hair’s particularly dry and frizzy, you may want to lay off the shampoo. It might sound strange and perhaps even gross on some level, but it’s something you’ll have to do. Shampoos strip your hair and scalp off their natural oils and moisture, which conditioners can’t replace. Though conditioners are built to hydrate, they aren’t as good as the real deal. Switch to sulfate-free shampoos and reduce washing your hair to twice a week perhaps. You’ll get used to it with time, and you’ll notice the difference quite soon. Plus, you’ll be ridding your hair of excess build-up that’s inevitable when you shampoos regularly.

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: You can also opt for a hair botox treatment in dubai which we do. It is highly effective in bringing back life to dull, unmanageable and brittle hair. Though we certainly don’t advice getting this done every other week, we think you should check in occasionally. Just ask our staff about when your next appointment should be, and based on your progress we’ll cater to you accordingly. Hair botox treatments are particularly useful for those who can’t afford to have more chemicals in their hair, which is considerably different to keratin. At Blo Out Beauty we first look into your individual circumstances and determine how to proceed, as we don’t simply dish out treatments on a whim.

CHANGE YOUR DIET: You’ve probably heard this no lesser than a hundred times, but it won’t stop being true either. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables so your body can replenish itself from within. These natural nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals will be absorbed into your tissues and blood stream, over time effectively promoting healthy hair growth. Though this isn’t an overnight solution, we as a committed beauty salon in dubai definitely stress on this fact. Often, we find that lifeless hair doesn’t always need very much. By making adjustments to your daily meals, you’ll notice a significant difference. Fish oil and Vitamin E consumption are two very important components here, so look into that as well.